Where am I?

Huh, Where am I? When I woke up, I was in unfamiliar territory I felt weak as if I had been spun several times over and over again, consequentially I was suffering from my head and separated from the rest of the people on board. I was alone, and the last thing I could remember, I was napping in an airplane traveling to Los Angeles.

I could hear something in the forest, footsteps advancing, something was approaching, I caught a glimpse of a dog when it saw me, it raced away, after eventually recollecting myself, I followed it running as fast as I could, until appearing on a beach, upon arriving I heard lots of people screaming and shouting, it was like a nightmare.

At first, I observed my surroundings, people on the beach terrified, I inhaled dry smoke from the plane wondering to myself, what happened? The feel of the sand was everywhere. I quickly rushed towards the crowds of men and women, it all seemed like a horror movie was taking place all around me, In all of their faces it was a state of emergency, but I couldn’t let that hinder me as it was a do-or-die moment and I felt that it was my responsibility to help.

I immediately hurried to help a modern man with his legs stuck under a part of the plane that had fallen off, AHH! He shrieked in pain, I quickly gathered three people to help pull him out. There was blood everywhere flowing out of his leg, to stop the bleeding I bandaged my tie around his right leg. Afterward, I hurried over to a woman who was about to deliver a newborn baby.

KABOOM! What just happened!?

We need to get to find a shelter, as I looked around me there are people in a panic acting like they might not see a tomorrow. People who are wounded and dead on the sandy beach are all around. I see someone is on the sand and I notice that she is unconscious, so I give her CPR. Does she survive? Or die?

Thankfully, she does not die, she regains consciousness, I realize that a part of the airplane is falling apart and there are people underneath in urgent danger, therefore; I go sprinting to tell them that the wing is about to fall on them and that they need to get away from the plane as soon as possible; we raced out of there and just barely made it out of there alive and in one piece.

Soon after getting to safety. A rescue boat that brings us all home successfully to safety.