How to Write a Good essay Introduction

Essay writing is an important task every college student has to perform. Yet, many students see it challenging to find some time and develop their essay writing skills.
There are many students’ courses, and a majority of those give out writing assignments. Besides, there are projects and term papers to write. College work could be so busy at times, so that I usually do my homework online; however, some students are not comfortable with it. That’s why it is essential to explore and develop your essay writing skills.
Essay writing is a process, and with practice and time, you will be able to get the hang of it. Also, it’s a skill that will help you immensely later in life. It, however, takes dedication and willingness to follow the right steps before you hone your skills in writing an essay. Here are some helpful steps to follow.

Create an Outline

We assume you have your topic, and if not, try and come up with one. An outline is like a ground of the essay. It will act as the building block with which your essay develops. You can do this on a piece of paper in which you write the first three or four major thoughts that come to mind.
An essay is divided into three sections: the introduction part, body, and conclusion. The body will consist of two or three supporting paragraphs. This is how to start an essay because it allows you to organize your thoughts. You also have something to build on.

Write Your Introduction

We assume you have already finished your outline, which involves the points you will discuss. The next step is critical, as well. The introduction in an essay is pretty essential as it sets the tone of the essay. This is why you need to have a fascinating introduction that will surely hook your reader.
If you are looking for how to write an introduction, there are many ways. You could commence with a story, a question, an opinion, or a quote. This section must suggest the importance of the essay’s topic, and it ends with a thesis sentence.

Write the Body Paragraph

Your body paragraph is a significant part. This is where you present your points. Here you will describe the points you have mentioned in the outline. The body section can be divided into two or three paragraphs.
You introduce your body paragraphs with the central idea from the introduction. The remaining sentences can try to support your argument. Be sure to include everything relevant to the point without making your paragraphs redundant. You can use quotes from people, but be sure to cite it.
Write Your Conclusion
By now, we assume you have four paragraphs, and you are almost done. The last step is to write your conclusion. This is also a pretty important part as the idea is to prove your thesis statement and summarize what was previously proven. Be aware of making it short and straight to the point. This is not the portion for new ideas but a summary of your key points.

Edit Your Draft

You do not have a finished essay; what you have is a draft. You should edit it for all sorts of errors. Make sure your writing is clear and flows well. Your strongest point should be your second paragraph, and your conclusion should not be boring as well. Proofread the paper, get rid of irrelevancies from your essay. Read it over and over again until you feel satisfied.
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Essay writing is a process. We hope the tips in this article will be of great help to develop the writing skills and obtain the highest marks.

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