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When I moved to Korea for my graduate studies

Ever since my late childhood, I questioned how I could change the world around me to make it a kinder and fairer place to live. Discrimination, stigma, bullying and their influence on individuals were issues that concerned me the most. When I moved to Korea for my graduate studies, a new environment made me question global social-cultural dynamics and my place in them.

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Jesus Christ as a redeemer to those who repent

I faithfully accept Jesus Christ as a redeemer to those who repent. He’s God, and falling short of his glorification is essential to humanely flourish. I am created in God’s image as a vice-regent priest, and my purpose is to enact God’s word. The Bible is my manuscript, and this curriculum has encouraged me to reread the scripture. Therefore, my religious and non-religious experiential disparities are plagued from the falling away in Genesis, which enables the Bible to transform my lifestyle.

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Where am I?

Huh, Where am I? When I woke up, I was in unfamiliar territory I felt weak as if I had been spun several times over and over again, consequentially I was suffering from my head and separated from the rest of the people on board. I was alone, and the last thing I could remember, I was napping in an airplane traveling to Los Angeles.

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